What a nice sunny day!! 

Are you planning to wash your pickup? 

Washing your car when it is too hot could be bad for your vehicle.


Here are a few simple tips that will help you carefully wash your vehicle:


Ensure your pickup has Cooled-Down:

It is necessary to make sure that your vehicle gets time to cool down after a drive. The engines need to cool down to protect the for brakes and rims. The hot and cold together is never a good idea. Washing your vehicle's heated body with cold water can cause the body to contract causing paint cracks. It will hamper the look of the vehicle.

Ensure that the windows, doors and sunroof are shut before washing: 

You don’t want all that dirt going inside the vehicle and causing an interior damage. So keep all these openings shut. Also, keeping the windows shut and then spraying water on them can show if there is any sort of leakage from the rims.

Water the Body before dusting or wiping the Vehicle:

The water will lubricate the surface on your vehicle and prevent any scratches or swirl marks. If you dust the vehicle  when it is dry, the small granuals and particles of dust can scratch the car surface. If you are in a hurry and cannot water the vehicle before dusting, make sure to use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt. 

Use low water pressure:

While, high pressure is convenient to get rid of any dirt and muds, at the same time it has an adverse effect on the fragile areas of your vehicle. It can result in dents and damages paint on the surface.
Choose the correct vehicle wash soap

Use the right wash products:

Pick a gentle commercial cleaning soap. Do not use any household grade soaps or detergents since the variation in chemical combinations could discolor the paints, remove the wax and hinder the finishing on body.

Use a soft brush and terrycloth or cotton washing mitt:

There are variety of sponges and mitts available for vehicle wash. Make sure to use soft elements that holds soap and water to the best without scratching the surface. In addition to that, keep the brush/sponge clean to ensure avoiding any swirl marks.

Top-Down washing approach: 

Starting from the top will help the sections get washed and cleaned at once and then you can move towards the bottom and you are done. Starting from bottom will result in double work as the soap lashes and drops from top will eventually flow towards the bottom.