Date : 09.08.2020                        Issued By : HO-After Sales                      Number : Foton 0001


Subject                 Warranty policy of Foton View CS2 /CS2L & Tunland

Validity                 1) From 09.08.2020

                             2) Applicable for Nepal

Circulation             MAW Vridhi After Sales & MAW Vridhi Authorized Dealers


Warranty Schedule



Applicable components

Applicable period

                                 Manufacturing / Quality defects


Engine , Gearbox, Rear axle , Chassis

60 month / 150000 KM *

Engine components

Radiator Assy , Intercooler , High Pressure Pipes , Coolant Tank , Fuel Tank Assy , Exhaust Muffler

12 month / 20000 KM *



Electrical components

Instrument cluster , Electronic Sensors , Relays , ECM

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning System


Front and Rear axle shaft



Glass , Rubber or plastic parts , Tire , Battery

6 month / 10000 KM *

*Whichever occurs earlier


Exclusions on liability of material defects

  • All consumables and parts which are of maintenance or wear and tear nature
  1. Filters and filter cartridges
  2. Suspension rubber bush
  3. Fan Belt , AC Belt
  4. Brake disc , drum , linings , pad
  5. Clutch friction plate
  6. Wiper Blade , Bulbs , Fuses
  7. Oil ,Grease ,Coolant ,Electrolyte
  • Accident, i.e. direct and sudden external physical force acting upon a part or the vehicle.
  • Willful or malicious acts, fire or explosion.
  • Force majeure, road conditions, improper handling of the vehicle, weather conditions
  • Participation in any event of a competitive or racing nature or associated with driving practice
  • Exposure to axle loads higher than those permissible and stipulated by MAW Vridhi
  • Use of unsuitable fluids (e.g. lubricants, coolant , fuel)
  • Changes to vehicle's original design (e.g. tuning) or the installation of third-party parts and accessories, which are not approved by MAW Vridhi
  • Manipulation of any kind of the odometer or tachograph
  • Caused by failure to report defects immediately and not making the vehicle available
  • For repairs caused by non-compliance with Foton's Operator's Manual
  • Costs of rectifying material defects on radios, wireless systems, electronic accessories, unless the same were installed ex-works by MAW Vridhi
  • Claims resulting from the fact that service intervals specified by MAW Vridhi are not adhered to or Foton Genuine Parts and service products are not used, resulting in damage to the vehicle / part / component.
  • Indirect costs incurred in connection with a case of damage will not be recognized and reimbursed. Examples are cost of accommodation, loss of freight business, contractual penalties.
  • Costs of repairs in workshop not authorized by MAW Vridhi, cost of oils and other fluids not necessitated by the damage itself.