Maintain your Vehicle

How to wash your pick up?

Probably you must be thinking, it’s a nice sunny day and you need to wash your pickup, however you need to know the fact that the hottest part is probably the worst time to wash your vehicle. Why?

Well, here are the few simple steps that you need to ensure before washing your vehicle:

  1. Ensure your pickup is cool

    Just make sure that your vehicle gets time to cool down after a drive. The engines need to cool down and this is important especially for the breaks and rims. The hot and cold together is never a good idea, so make sure you check this point.
  2. Use plenty water

    Using water a lot will lubricate the surfaces on your vehicle preventing scratches and swirl marks. If your vehicle is dry and you start rubbing or brushing the surface, the tiny scratches may be vivid. So, make sure to use lots of water.
  3. Use low water pressure

    While, high pressure is convenient to get rid of any dirt and muds, at the same time it has an reverse effect on most fragile areas which may cause paints to erode or even lead to scratches. So, just keep an eye for this.
  4. Use the correct pickup vehicle wash soap

    Use the right wash soap, safe for all the paints and coats in your vehicle. Do not use any non-recommended soaps or detergents as the different chemical combinations might affect the paints or even the engines.
  5. Use a soft brush or pickup washing mitt

    There are variety of sponges and mitts available for vehicle wash. Just make sure, you use soft elements that holds soap and water to the best. In addition to that, keep the brush/sponge clean to ensure avoiding any swirl marks.
  6. Top-Down washing approach

    Starting from the top will help the sections get washed and cleaned at once and then you can move towards the bottom and you are done. Starting from bottom might end up going over the same portion twice as the soap lashes and drops from top will eventually flow towards the bottom.