Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan pays a visit to FOTON Motor Group in Beijing China

Date: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan pays a visit to FOTON Motor Group in Beijing China

On April 28, 2019, Pakistan’s current Prime Minister Imran·Khan made an official visit to FOTON Motor Group HQ in Beijing, China to attend the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. For this occasion, he visited the headquarter of FOTON in Beijing on April 28th, expansively learning the intellectual application to the FOTON commercial vehicles and the commercial growth in Pakistan. FOTON Motor Group becomes the only automotive enterprise in the world, honored by Prime Minister Khan’s visit.

Prime Minister Khan visited the series of FOTON Motor Group commercial vehicles, and also showed an interest in stepping on an AUMAN EST-A truck. Mr. Gong Yueqiong, President of FOTON Motor Group made a comprehensive plan for Prime Minister. As a strategic product conjointly developed by FOTON Daimler Automotive combined undertaking, FOTON AUMAN EST-A assures the truck has matured intelligent driving and braking technologies while comprehensively sustaining customers’ needs in terms of economy, efficiency, safety, comfort, and others.

At the Digital Tech Zone, a learning center of FOTON, Prime Minister Khan learned profoundly the smart driving technologies, Super Power train chain, and the Internet system. FOTON Motor has been built up in the theme “advanced Industry Internet” comprising of intelligent factories, intelligent management, and business and intelligent vehicles. FOTON has been successfully able to establish the competitive edge of power chain through a strategic alliance with international leading brands with the likes of DAIMLER, CUMMINS, and ZF being a major strategic-partners and forwarded the application of new energy, sustainability, smart driving and internet of Vehicle.


Concerning smart driving technology, FOTON Motor’s smart driving technologies have sustained the ability of the L3 automatic driving applications. And those applications include recognition and identification of pedestrians, lane-holding, self-adaptive cruise, identification of traffic markers and signals, automatic change of lane, high precision positioning. Furthermore, FOTON Motor has been entitled as the first company having received an automated driving road-test authorization in China.

Prime Minister Khan further added, “China-Pakistan Economic Passage has created the vast openings of investment and will shift its emphasis to deeper collaboration in the terms of social-economic growth and industries. Pakistan needs to implement such an intelligent manufacturing system in the domestic market to boost the upgradation and development of the automobile industry in Pakistan”.

FOTON first entered the Pakistani Market back in 2002 and since then FOTON has been able to establish its popularity in the market and especially in the large infrastructure companies, beverage enterprises, and grid companies. Furthermore, FOTON Motor has had a major contribution to the local market as they are now collaborating with different partners to establish the manufacturing plant.

It is well known that the FOTON Motor plants in Pakistan offer their staffs with good accommodation, good salary, training and development and all the vigorous course of action needed for the upgradation of the employee who can personally grow and professionally contribute to FOTON. This collaboration thus has helped strengthen the relationship between Pakistan and China for a long time and will continue further.